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The devices from WEBFLEET Solutions offer more than just professional navigation. Whether vehicle data, tablets, scanners, sensors, printers, digital tachographs or other hardware devices and functions - with the open interface Link.connect, WEBFLEET Solutions some time ago laid the foundation for a veritable firework of functional extensions for its vehicle tracking solution. systems for work networks the devices with specially developed software applications for specific needs with FleetApp and FleetDesigner for individual order management.

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Does your company need an all-encompassing system for vehicle tracking and fleet management? Whether a freight forwarder, transport company or supplier. Together with WEBFLEET Solutions, we at systems for work provide customised solutions that adapt to your company's workflow. Functions such as printing, generating e-mails and PDFs with signatures and images, scanning barcodes, digital control and documentation (e.g. departure control, damage and pallet recording) and many more are already standard functions of the FleetApp and support many companies in relieving them of daily routine tasks.

Departure control

The departure control supports the driver in checking his vehicle for roadworthiness and ensures that all legal obligations are complied with. The app shows the driver a list that has to be worked through before starting the journey. If an option on the list is in order, a tick is placed. If too many options or options defined as important have been omitted at the end of the list, the tour cannot be started. The content of the list can be adjusted at any time. In this way, vehicle-specific departure checks can be processed within the same fleet.


Driver's license control

First, the driver's name and the expiry date of his driving licence are stored on a tamper-proof RFID chip. This RFID chip is then stuck onto the driver's licence. If the driver wants to start his tour, the app asks for the valid driving licence. The driver must now hold the licence with the RFID chip against the NFC reading point of the navigation system. If the driving licence is valid, the tour can be started. However, if no driver's licence is presented or the expiry date has passed, no orders are sent to the driver and the tour cannot be started.



You have the option of managing documents such as driver instructions or waybills via our FleetPortal and sending them to selected vehicles. If you send a PDF file in different languages to the fleet, each driver can retrieve the document in his or her preferred language.


Alcohol test

The breath alcohol concentration test is performed using the Android-compatible ACE AFM-5 breathalyser from ACE Instruments. Connected to our FleetApp, an alcohol test can be ordered before the start of the tour. If no result is sent or the measured value is too high, no orders are sent to the driver and the dispatcher is notified immediately.

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